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June 20

The AHA Colloquium and Cultural Festival is a practical response to the needs of our time and specifically to the urging of the United Nations, as spelt out in the codified UN General Assembly Resolutions; A/RES/61/17 of 2006 which declared 2009 as the International year of Reconciliation and RES/68/237 of 2014, which declared 2015 to 2024 as the International Decade for the People of African Descent, with a thematic platform of Recognition, Justice and Development.
Both Resolutions are auspicious and respectively called for Reconciliation and Recognition in all ramifications and urged for global processes to achieve these.
These Resolutions and Declarations have increasingly become more relevant as they complement and give credence to the concept of global peace and reconciliation as envisioned and articulated by Knowledge Mill International [KMI], in the African Heritage Accord [AHA] Initiative.
In line with set objectives of these declarations, the KMI Organization believes that the time is now to engage a broad and renewed global collaborative partnership to address these challenges, especially the festering wound of Identity Crises, prevalent in the global community of the people of African Descent. This is compounded in the inability of members of this group to trace their roots, origin, or make specific claims to any ethnic origin, people, language or culture other than being Negros or Black. This of course adds to the horrendous loss of name to slavery.

The AHA Inaugural Conference and Cultural Festival is geared to commence the needed action and specific response to the United Nations urging for planned cultural, educational and social programs to promote Reconciliation, Restoration and Renewal for the People of African Descent. These would also Recognize who they are and their common humanity with dignity; and also acknowledge their global contributions to Mother Earth.
The Inaugural AHA Festival will debut in the great city Austin Texas, on June 20, 2020. This event is billed to bring together delegates and participants from around the world. The people of African Descent are dispersed around the globe as was the incidence of slavery. Representations from Governments, Civil Society, Media, Academia, and business are expected from these diverse countries. Others are Representatives of Trade Unions, Faith Based Organizations, Cultural and social organizations, Students and youth movements.
African Countries via regional bodies as the African Union [AU] are principal participants. The historically involved sub regions of West, Central and Southern Africa from where most slaves were taken at the time are expected to play key roles in the Recognition and Reconciliation parley. In these regards, the Traditional, Cultural, political, Religious and youth leaders from these sub regions are expected to grace this event from Motherland Africa.

This event will feature;
1. Lectures by proven luminaries and fresh voices on the subject. 2. Cultural exchanges and exhibitions. 3. Economic and entrepreneurial promotions. 4. Youth empowerment & Student exchange opportunities. 5. Municipal Governance interface and cooperation programs. 6. A tripartite [Africa Homeland, Africa in the Diaspora, Slave Merchants &Owners] Offspring Re-conciliatory summit. 7. DNA mapping workshop for those who seek ethnic and ancestral identification, especially for the People of African Descent.
8. Award and Recognition for achievers within the global community of People of African Descent and of others who distinguished in roles to better the lives of People of African Descent
AS envisaged, the Inaugural AHA colloquium and Festival begins the process required to cleanse the AUGEAN Stable of our time. It is expected to be convened annually in different cities and nations across the globe.
Ultimately, we hope to achieve a full Identity for all people of African Descent. In the process restore cultural affinity, ethnic and spiritual renewal that had alluded these group for more than 400 years. And to have a World Reconciled to Itself via the new civilization paradigm and renaissance of Recognition, Reconciliation, Restoration, Justice as Fairness and Peace on Earth.


June 20


Knowledge Mill International Inc. USA
Knowledge Mill International Foundation (KMIF) Nigeria


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