Answering the Need for Sustainable Development

In 1991, the human development index report published by the United Nations portrayed a bleak future given an abysmal record in the global response to the need for sustainable human development.

Lack of political commitment, rather than adequate financial resources, was considered the real cause. The report concluded that if budgeting priorities were set right and resources prudently appropriated, more resources would be available for accelerated human programs.

Against the background of a deplorable showing as portrayed in the UN global report of 1991; The UN organized Earth Summit on Sustainable Development of 1992, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and subsequent ones:- Millennium Development Goal (MDG)’s of 2002 held in Johannesburg South Africa; The Sustainable Development Conference (Rio+20 Processes) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012 and the SDG 2030 Vision, all offered codified policy framework and advanced strategic initiatives for realizing a Sustainable Planet, a Just Society and a growing Global Economic Order.

Knowledge Mill International is cognitive of the appalling human conditions of our age. We acknowledge and condemn the acrimony, hate, strife, and wars; the illiteracy, poverty, and endemic diseases; permissive lifestyles, social injustice, and decadent social structures; the ruinous, yet formative path to life, the corrupt social fabrics, and the realities of irresponsible governance.

These grave human conditions gave impetus to a plan developed to address certain needs, galvanize human interest, and tackle these global challenges:

  • Food Production
  • Access to Water
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Early Childhood Development Programs
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Access to Technology
  • Health & Wellness Programs

The Initiative’s programs, projects, and services are directed to the needs of families who are striving to escape from misery, along with those eager to share in the benefits of civilization and promises of democracy.

Contact us or join our team as we strive to address the global need for sustainable development. We aim to serve communities throughout the world.