Setting Sustainable Development Goals

In 2012, Knowledge Mill International Foundation (KMIF) Nigeria was accredited by the United Nations to the Rio+20 processes – the global conference on Sustainable Development. KMIF Nigeria sent delegates to the event which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012. The focus was on the idea of reinventing the world, one community and nation at a time. This was also attuned to the thematic platform of the conference: “The Future We Want.” 

Post-Rio Knowledge Mill International and its commitment to action gave birth to the KMI Initiative with the hope to advance the UN vision for sustainable development goals, global order, and peace. Cognizant of the global realities of humanity and the appalling human conditions of our age as depicted in the abysmal global reports on human development and freedom, and as a response to the concerns and aspirations of the global community, the KMI Initiative instituted a broad, grassrooted human development scheme as a bridge across opportunities.

We hope to achieve a better future – a future that holds opportunities for decent education, economic growth, and full employment; for social safety nets that target the most vulnerable segments of society. It will be a future of sustainable economic, political, and social engineering and optimization that preserves natural resources; a future of genuine democracy and responsible governance.

With the expiration of the dateline for the United Nations’ propelled Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in 2015, along with the subsequent launching of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030, we realized that the time for action was imminent. Now, it is time to translate the language of desire to a culture of realization.

The Thrust and Strategic Direction

Knowledge Mill International created the Thrust as a 30-year action plan and generational approach to sustainable human development. It is a model company vehicle for the delivery and implementation of our strategic plan (in the USA via KMI Inc. or in Nigeria via the KMIF-Nigeria, as well as to other prospective independent KMI affiliates) as it relates to different countries’ human development and freedom needs.

The presentation of the KMI Initiative and the creation of the Thrust underscored the importance of our goal to address the common incidence of non-schooling, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, and endemic diseases that abound in our communities.

These prevalent societal anomalies gave impetus to the accelerated development of the Thrust into an on-the-move vehicle of reform with a sustainable rapid human development scheme. This scheme is holistic in nature and meets the UN specifications for world socialization order.

For all intents and purposes, the Thrust encompasses Projects, Programs, and Services (PPS), configured to serve the needs of the specific niche and target spectra. These include the following:

  • Kindergarten, Early Childhood Education, and Adult Literacy Program
  • Playground Equipment– Sports Academy and Complex
  • Computer/Technology Learning Center/Multimedia
  • Research and Development, Laboratory, and Workshop
  • Emergency Medical Services/First Responders
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness/AHA Program
  • Sustainable Model City Program

These items present a gamut of possibilities, challenges, and opportunities to the communities that adopt them. If the needed resources, political will, and commitments are achieved, we believe that in a decade or so, the trajectory for a new civilization paradigm for the specified niche and target spectra would be on an irreversible course for greatness. Through this process, and by defining a new civilization paradigm for Nigeria and elsewhere, we know that “Another Future is Possible.”

Contact us to find out more about our plans to achieve sustainable development goals for negatively affected communities around the world.